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[audio]Bitcoins -- Groks Science Radio Show 08-13-14 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Can a digitally encrypted currency uproot the world's financial institutions. On this program, Jimmy Homma talks about bit coins, its mysterious and tumultuous history, and what it means for us.
Keywords: bitcoins; cryptocurrency; NSA; Satoshi Nakamoto; credit cards; TCP/IP
Downloads: 612
[audio]The Human Animal Bond -- Groks Science Show 2014-08-06
We do a lot for our pets and often even treat them like family members. But it turns out, they’re paying us back by improving our health. Dr. Alan Beck, Director of the Center for the Human-Animal Bond at Purdue University joins us to talk about his work studying the effect that animals have on the physical and psychological well-being of the people they spend time with. We’ll talk about what benefits the average person can expect to get from their pets but we’ll also learn which animals a...
Keywords: animals; health; Alan Beck; veterinary; Alzheimers
Downloads: 699
[audio]Crowded Planet -- Groks Science Show 2014-07-30 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Overpopulation affects not only humans but also wildlife.  On this episode, Stephanie Feldstein discussed the crowded planet.
Keywords: science; overpopulation; wildlife; groks
Downloads: 793
[audio]Health Care Data -- Groks Science Show 2014-07-23 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Health care data is increasingly vulnerable to hackers.  On this episode, Paul Oster discussed protecting health care data.
Keywords: science; health; data; groks
Downloads: 736
[audio]Improving Your Health with Cats and Dogs -- Groks Science Show 2014-07-16 - Chenan Zhang
Cats and dogs: companions, protectors, health-improvers? We love our furry friends, but recent studies show that cats and dogs may benefit us in ways that go beyond companionship. Groks hosts Samantha Thomas, Chenan Zhang and guest-host Courtney Kagan discuss research findings that show how these animals can boost our health and well-being.
Keywords: Pets; Cats; Dogs; Health; Immune system
Downloads: 786
[audio]Precision Medicine - Groks Science Show 2014-07-02 - Chenan Zhang
How much can our own genetics determine the diagnosis of our illness or determine the course of treatment? The Chicago chapter of the Women In Bio organization recently hosted a panel discussion on the topic of precision medicine strategies—what it is, how it came about, the challenges we face, and what the future holds. We attended the event, and spoke with organizers, attendees, and panelists about precision medicine, and women’s role in this rapidly developing field.
Keywords: Groks; Groks science show; precision medicine; Women in Bio
Downloads: 915
[audio]Ice, Ice -- Groks Science Show 2014-07-09 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Water is fundamental to all life but little is actually known about its inter-molecular dynamics and structures. On this program, Anders Nilsson talks about the frontiers of water science.
Keywords: chemical physics; hydrogen bonding; ice; lasers; phase transition; SLAC; supercooling; water; X-rays
Downloads: 1,067
[audio]The Cosmic Cocktail -- Groks Science Show 2014-06-18 - Samantha Thomas
Hundreds of years ago, Galileo told us that the earth is not the center of the universe. Now, physicists are telling us that the normal matter you and I are made of isn’t even the majority of the matter that exists. Today Dr. Katherine Freese, a theoretical astrophysicist at the University of Michigan and author of the Cosmic Cocktail, joins us to talk about the composition of the cosmos and the mysterious nature of dark matter and dark energy
Keywords: Katherine Freese; dark matter; dark energy; astrophysics; dark matter; cosmology; astrophysics; universe; physics; dark energy
Downloads: 1,082
[audio]Colliding Worlds -- Groks Science Show 2014-06-25 - Charles C. Lee and Frank H. Ling
Science and art may seem like widely divergent fields of human endeavor, but advances in science are now influencing contemporary art. On this program, Arthur I. Miller discussed the colliding worlds of science and art.
Keywords: art; science; technology; groks
Downloads: 976
[audio]Console Wars -- Groks Science Show 2014-06-04 - Chenan Zhang
Video games are a huge part of the lives of countless kids and adults alike. In his book Console Wars, Blake Harris brings to life the behind-the-scenes story that most of us are not aware of—the epic battle waged in the early 1990s between Nintendo and Sega, which paved the way for the video game industry as we know it today.
Keywords: Groks; Groks science show; Video games; Sega; Nintendo; Blake Harris; Tom Kalinske
Downloads: 966
[audio]Crouching Tiger -- Groks Science Show 2014-06-11 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Why do many Asian American youths excel academically? On this program, Amy Hsin discusses the factors that underlie the success of certain ethnicities.
Keywords: Asian Americans; STEM; depression; academics; education; culture; ethnicity; academics; STEM; education; depression; culture; ethnicity
Downloads: 1,004
[audio]A Beautiful Mind -- Groks Science Show 2002-05-01 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
The life and times of mathematician John F. Nash Jr. have garnered a great deal of attention since the release of the popular movie, A Beautiful Mind, chronicled events in his life. This show featured an interview with Sylvia Nassar, the author of Nash's biography, who discussed Nash's struggles with math, schizophrenia, and the Nobel Prize.
Keywords: Science
Downloads: 6,676 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[audio]Unconquered -- Groks Science Show 2012-03-28 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
The Amazon is one of the last unspoiled territories, where the indiginous tribes have remained largely untouched by modern civilization. On this program, Scott Wallace discussed the unconquered tribes of the Amazon.
Keywords: science; anthropology; amazon; fleicheros; groks
Downloads: 3,188 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Now And Then, Here and There: Editing - Jason Scott
Presentation by Jason Scott at Notacon 5 in Cleveland, OH. Now and Then, Here and There: Editing. Starting from the story of hitting a coyote, Jason Scott describes the nature of editing, our growing roles as editors of our own lives and content, and the future directions editing can take. Hints about the process are given, as well as a number of anecdotes related to Jason's own projects.
Keywords: editing; documentary; Jason Scott; Notacon
Downloads: 2,485 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Don Norman: Emotional Design [ETCON2004] - Donald A. Norman
[Full title: Emotional Design: The Principles] Don Norman used to be known as a critic of unusable things but now, he says, he has changed. He has transformed himself into an advocate for pleasurable, enjoyable products. Beauty is good, says Norman. Successful products should a pleasure to use, and convey a positive sense of self, of accomplishment, and pride of ownership. In this keynote address, Norman shares work from his latest book, Emotional Design: Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things...
Keywords: ETCON 2004; Conference Proceedings
Downloads: 3,901
[audio]La science de la planète -- Groks Science Show 2014-05-14 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Are modern technologies the best? What are some traditional methods we should preserve? On this episode, we discussed about earth sciences, natural disaster, fortran, and water purification with the man on the street.
Keywords: charcoal, flooding, fortran, matlab, natural disasters, seawalls, traditional, water
Downloads: 1,213
[audio]WOS1_170799_2000_STALLMAN - mikro e.V. / WOS e.V.
Wizards of OS 1Offene Quellen und Freie Software 16.-17. Juli 1999 Haus der Kulturen der Welt John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10, Berlin Panel 10. "Intellectual Property" and Public DomainRichard Stallman: Free Software and BeyondTranskript Camera: Olaf Merker, Oleg StepanowSound: Fabian Werba, Guido WeyrauchEditor: Oleg Stepanow
Keywords: conference; free software; free culture; free infrastructure
Downloads: 23
[audio]Your Genes Your Brain -- Groks Science Show 2014-05-07 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Most of us know that our genes determine many of our physical characteristics and our risk for various diseases. However, the idea that genes influence personality and risk for psychiatric disorders is not quite as easy to swallow. On this episode, Dr. Abraham Palmer, professor of Human Genetics at the University of Chicago joins us to discuss psychiatric genetics. We'll talk about the heritability of personality and psychiatric diseases and he'll tell us about his latest study on the genetics o...
Keywords: Abraham Palmer; Genetics; Psychiatry; Personality; amphetamine
Downloads: 978
[audio]Once More With Feelin' -- Groks Science Show 2014-08-20 - Tom Stewart
This episode we speak with neuroscientist Dr. Sliman Bensmaia. He tells us about his research on touch -- how our hands feel, how our brains process this information, and how this research is being used to design better prostheses.
Keywords: Groks; Groks science show; Sliman Bensmaia; Brain; Prosthetics
Downloads: 11
[audio]Ideas-Max Allen and Ted Nelson - Ideas
Max Allen and Ted Nelson discuss the future of computers
Keywords: ted nelson; max allen; ideas; computers; future; predictions; IBM
Downloads: 16
[audio]Besting the Pests -- Groks Science Show 2014-05-21 - Tom Stewart
No one likes getting sick, not even plants! On this episode, Talia Karasov explains her research on how plants and pathogens co-evolve and the possible implications that this work might have on crop science.
Keywords: Talia Karasov; plants; coevolution; pathogens; agriculture; crops
Downloads: 1,196
[audio]String Theory -- Groks Science Show 2005-03-02 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Physicists are constantly searching for 'elegant' theories that describe the universe. One such theory, string theory, has the potential to unify the disparate theories of quantum mechanics and general relativity. We discussed this theory with Prof. Brian Greene of Columbia University.
Keywords: Science; physics; string theory
Downloads: 14,400 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Peking Man Fossils -- Groks Science Show 2008-01-09 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
The discovery of the Peking Man fossils in China was a landmark discovery for archaeologists and anthropologists. On this program, Dr. Amir Aczel discussed the discovery of the fossils and the tale of one of the main investigators involved in the project, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.
Keywords: science; anthropology; archaeology
Downloads: 5,525 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Marcell Mars @ WOS 3 - Audio - WOS3 StreamTeam
Wizards of OS 3. The Future of the Digital Commons Panel: Internet Freedom goes East I. Free Software Marcell Mars Multimedia Institute, Zagreb
Downloads: 4,584
[audio]Musical Brain -- Groks Science Show 2007-12-05 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Music has powerful emotive and expressive qualities that transcend its description as a purely physical phenomenon. This is of course due to how the brain processes musical information. On this program, Prof. Daniel Levitin discussed the musical brain.
Keywords: science; music; neurobiology
Downloads: 6,773 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Starstruck Science -- Groks Science Show 2007-07-18 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Continued developments in space exploration hold the promise for advancing human knowledge about the universe. But, how can humans reconcile these findings with their past beliefs. On this program, Prof. Albert Harrison discussed science, religion, and folklore in space exploration.
Keywords: science; religion; folklore; starstruck
Downloads: 7,385
[audio]WOS1_170799_1600_HOFMANN - mikro e.V. / WOS e.V.
Wizards of OS 1Offene Quellen und Freie Software 16.-17. Juli 1999 Haus der Kulturen der WeltJohn-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10, Berlin Panel 9. Open ContentJeanette Hofmann: Der Erfolg offener Standards und seine Nebenwirkungen am Beispiel der IETFTranskript Camera: Olaf Merker, Oleg StepanowSound: Fabian Werba, Guido WeyrauchEditor: Oleg Stepanow
Keywords: conference; free software; free culture; free infrastructure
Downloads: 9
[audio]Euclidean Space -- Groks Science Show 2013-04-03 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Euclidean geometry seems fundamental to the way the world operated, so much so that we often take for granted its basic tenets. On this program, Dr. David Berlinski discussed his book, The King of Infinite Space: Euclid and His Elements.
Keywords: science; geometry; math; euclidl; groks
Downloads: 2,072
[audio]Einstein and his miraculous year -- Groks Science Show 2005-11-16 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
In the year 1905, Albert Einstein published five papers that changed the face of modern physics and led to two Nobel Prizes, including one for Einstein himself. On this program, Prof. John Stachel discussed Einstein and the importance of each of these papers.
Keywords: Science; physics; relativity; Einstein
Downloads: 9,176 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Little Strings -- Groks Science Show 2010-06-02 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
String theory may explain the fundamental properties of the universe. But, who can explain string theory? On this program, Steven Gubser discussed the little book of strings.
Keywords: science; physics; string theory; cosmology; groks
Downloads: 3,995
[audio]Cancer Therapy -- Groks Science Show 2007-07-25 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Cancer is a disease that strikes fear by its mere mention. But, rapid advances in medical science are developing new treatments. On this program, Prof. David Nathan from Harvard MGH discussed new cancer therapies.
Keywords: science; cancer; therapy
Downloads: 6,455
[audio]Bees and Eusocial Insects -- Groks Science Show 2012-02-15 - Charles Lee, Joanna Rowell, and Forrest Gulden
It can be difficult to discern the impact of genes on behaviour from the effect of behaviour on genes. On this program Dr. Gene Robinson talks about using the honeybee and other eusocial insects to tease apart this web.
Keywords: groks; science; behavior; genes; honeybee; bee; insects; Gene Robinson
Downloads: 2,468
[audio]Infinity Puzzle -- Groks Science Show 2011-12-14 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Understanding the fundamental forces of nature is one of the hallmarks of modern physics. However, mathematically describing these forces often results in the emergence of infinities. On this program, Prof. Frank Close discussed the infinity puzzle.
Keywords: science; cosmology; particle physics; physics; groks
Downloads: 2,909
[audio]Radio Astronomy -- Groks Science Show 2004-09-15 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Although visible telescope have shed new light on celestial objects, radio astronomy has pushed the boundaries even farther. On this program, Prof. Jack Welch discussed radio astronomy and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.
Keywords: Science
Downloads: 3,666
[audio]Richter Scale -- Groks Science Show 2007-06-27 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
The Richter Scale is well known to anyone who has experienced an earthquake. But, many are unaware of the man who invented the scale. On this program, Dr. Susan Hough discussed the life and science of Dr. Charles Richter.
Keywords: science; Richter; earthquakes; biography
Downloads: 7,054
[audio]Cannabis Brain -- Groks Science Show 2014-04-30 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Does marijuana use affect the brain? What is the scientific evidence? On this episode, Dr. Anne Speckhard discussed marijuana use and the brain.
Keywords: science; marijuana; brain; groks
Downloads: 1,322
[audio]Planet of the Apes -- Groks Science Show 2014-02-19 - Joanna Rowell
What can our closest living relatives - great apes like the chimpanzee and bonobo - teach us about ourselves? Are we the only species that tells lies or wages war? Do other apes have culture? On this episode, Dale Peterson joins us to discuss these fascinating, yet sadly endangered, animals.
Keywords: Dale Peterson; primates; apes; chimpanzees; Jane Goodall; bonobos; conservation
Downloads: 656
[audio]Dark Matter and Energy -- Groks Science Show 2007-05-16 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Dark matter and dark energy comprise most of the known universe. But, what are the constituents of dark matter and energy? On this program, Dr. Dan Hooper from Fermilab discussed the dark cosmos.
Keywords: science; dark matter; physics
Downloads: 10,487 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]WOS1_170799_1600_KITTLER - mikro e.V. / WOS e.V.
Wizards of OS 1Offene Quellen und Freie Software 16.-17. Juli 1999 Haus der Kulturen der WeltJohn-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10, Berlin Panel 9. Open ContentFriedrich Kittler: Wissenschaft als Open-Source-ProzeßTranskript Camera: Olaf Merker, Oleg StepanowSound: Fabian Werba, Guido WeyrauchEditor: Oleg Stepanow
Keywords: conference; free software; free culture; free infrastructure
Downloads: 14
[audio]Ponderables -- Groks Science Show 2012-10-03
Several recent books walk the reader through human history by describing the history of specific objects or commodities such as salt, cod, coffee, and even the lowly toothpick. In today's episode, Tom Jackson joins us to discuss his new series of books, Ponderables. This series walks readers through history alongside the elements, the universe, and mathematics, with more to come.
Keywords: Groks; Groks Science Show; elements; universe; mathematics; history; Tom Jackson; Ponderables; Hennig Brand; Joseph Von Fraunhoffen
Downloads: 2,111
[audio]Health Care Reform -- Groks Science Show 2012-02-01 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
The Affordable Care Act continues to spur debate and confusion. What are the consequences of the health care reform act? On this program, Prof. Jonathan Gruber discussed health care reform.
Keywords: science; health care; affordable care act; groks
Downloads: 2,448
[audio]Sleep Diet -- Groks Science Show 2013-03-13 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Americans eat too much. They drink too much. They just about do everything in excess, except sleep. On this program, Prof. Kenneth Wright discussed how lack of sleep influences our metabolism and its effect on weight gain.
Keywords: sleep, circadian, weight gain, metabolism, melatonin
Downloads: 2,087
[audio]The Age of Ivory -- Groks Science Show 2013-07-03 - Forrest Gulden, Charles Lee
Less than a half a million African elephants live in the wild and more than 25,000 of those are poached every year. They are poached for their ivory even though African ivory collected after 1989 is generally illegal. One reason such robust poaching persists is that, until recently, there has been no way to determine when ivory was collected. Dr. Kevin Uno joins us to discuss his recent PNAS article detailing a test that closes this loophole...
Keywords: Groks; elephants; carbon; isotopes; C13; C14; C12; ecology; conservation; Kevin Uno; Lamont Doherty; Earth Observatory; ivory
Downloads: 1,559
[audio]Dirty Minds -- Groks Science Show 2012-02-22 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Why do we fall in love? What is it about the circuitry and neurochemistry of the brain that enables this behavior? On this program, Kayt Sukel discussed Dirty Minds.
Keywords: science; technology; sex; love; groks
Downloads: 2,638
[audio]Digital Division -- Groks Science Show 2011-09-21 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Digital technology has revolutionized the modern world, but are there downsides to its influence on our personal lives and culture. On this program, Prof. Mark Bauerlein discussed the digital divide.
Keywords: science; internet; facebook; social media; technology; groks
Downloads: 2,730
[audio]Serenity -- Groks Science Show 2010-01-06 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Severe anxiety can be a debilitating condition. Although medications are often the common form of treatment, other methods are available for achieving a more serene lifestyle. On this program, Steve Pavilanis discussed these methods for achieving a Life Less Anxious.
Keywords: science; anxiety; panic attacks; serenity; groks
Downloads: 3,127
[audio]Tech Support -- Groks Science Show 2004-01-21 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Technological innovations continue to puzzle and confound even the most savvy technophiles. But, figuring out how to use these modern marvels can often be half the fun, as we discussed with our guest, Gregg Steben.
Keywords: Science
Downloads: 3,730
[audio]Frankenstein's Cat -- Groks Science Show 2013-03-27 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Bioengineering is changing the way we think about the nature of biology. What do the advances in biotechnology mean for the future? On this program, Emily Anthes discussed bioengineering and her book, Frankenstein's Cat: Cuddling Up to Biotech's Brave New Beasts.
Keywords: science; technology; bioengineering; biotech; genetic modification; neural engineering; groks
Downloads: 1,934
[audio]Robotics Competition -- Groks Science Show 2003-12-31 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Robotics is a field that continues to inspire both professional and amateur scientists. Fortunately, robotics competitions provide the perfect venue for exploring these interests. Contestants from such a competition held at Fort Mason Center chatted with us about their inventions.
Keywords: Science
Downloads: 4,764
[audio]Love and Attraction -- Groks Science Show 2010-02-10 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Why are we particularly attracted to some people? Is there a chemical basis for love? On this program, Prof. Helen Fisher discussed the science of love and attraction.
Keywords: science; why him why her; love; attraction; psychology; anthropology; dating; groks
Downloads: 3,856 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
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